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The Flamborough Lifeboats

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Last Update : 14 Oct 2007
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A History of the Flamborough Stations

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Situated on the peninsula of Flamborough Head on the East Yorkshire coast, the Flamborough lifeboats have worked in some of the most picturesque and dangerous coastlines in England.

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Atlantic 85 is now on station and has been since the 13th August. The boat is B-820 'Elizabeth Jane Palmer' and has already made life saving services. The official naming ceremony was on November 10 at South Landing.

Inflatables! (I'm leaving this message here until people learn) If you are going to use an inflatable please bear in mind the following:

  • Make yourself aware of the what the wind and tide are doing.
  • Ensure your inflatable is tethered securely to the beach at all times.
  • Get someone to keep an eye on you at all times.
  • If something does go wrong - stay with the inflatable and NEVER try to swim back to shore.

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Last Service

Launched to RIB 'Dennis' with engine problems - Located and escorted to South Shore.

Stats Since 1993

Total Service Calls: 448
Lives Saved: 106
People Assisted: 977
Avg. Response: 12.26 min.
Total Service Time: 454.00 hrs


If you like the place or would like to know more, visit the Flamborough village community website at:

In Action!

Lifeboat In Action

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Helmsman - Flamborough Lifeboat Station

The Lifeboat launches on exercise most Sundays at around 10.00am for those wishing to visit.